Two Weeks in India ...From RAJHASTAN To New DELHI ...

Two Weeks in India ...From RAJHASTAN To New DELHI ...

New Delhi, Inde le 24/01/2014


 Namaste !

As we haven't enought time to translate everything but because we think about you, dear friends (non French speakers), here is a summary of our trip in India !

As we said, we were a bit trapped at the beginning of our stay here but the advantage is that we were able to visit all the cities we wanted and even more. 

We started by the royal cities of Rajasthan state where the Maharaja had installed their Palace. First we went to Udaipur. Built on a hill, with on the top, the enormous royal palace and surrounded by a big lake, it was one of our favorite cities ! Then we passed by the holly city Pushkar where we received our first Indu benediction. We visited then Jaipur and its Pink building and finished by a Safari in the Ranthambhore National park where we didn't have the chance to see the famous tiger !

After Rajasthan, we went to Agra and were completly subjugated by the majestic Taj Mahal. The next stop was for adults only ! Indeed we run through the Indian Kama Sutra culture by visiting the erotic temples in Khajuharo. We reached afterwards the colorfull pilgrimage city of Varanasi where the prayers come to bath their bodies in the Ganga River to purify their soul ! It is also a cremation place to allowed dead people to go directly to the Nirvana. What a religious ardour !!! Gaelle's favorite place for sure (equal with the Taj Mahal) !

Then we experimented the legendary slowliness of Indian transportation with our train with 14 hours delay on the 12 hours normally planned; So in total 26 hours to come back in New Delhi !!!  So we had only one and a half day to visit the capital city but we had fun and  even been able to spend a nice moment with Christophe, a friend from Finland !!! Great !!!

To sum up, India has enchanted us, anoyed us, sadden us sometimes, amazed us every day. And it would be a pleasure to come again by a different way and maybe in another area ... We would take more time and would try to be closer to the people… They are really adorable but because of poverty, they often try to cheat on tourists... the cast system make them acting in a strange way and philosophy !!!! We met so many people with empty pocket but keeping a large smile one their face !!!

In one word : touching !!!




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